Love will prevail


I am not a monster

I am not a ghoul

I am not the man who makes the rule

I am a child

Your own baby

The smiles I gave you and the dreams you gave me

I am the boy

I am the girl

I am bird who flies around the world

I am mommy and I am daddy

I am granny and I am pappy

My life was taking by the hands of a man who decided to evacuate the land

The land that I live upon is a place me and my friends call school

A place to learn and a place to not be a fool

Don't you worry mommy and don't you fret

I left you a gift that you'll never forget

My name is Charlotte, James, Jack, Grace, Chase, Jesse, Benjamin, Victoria, Allison, Avielle, Jessica, Caroline, Noah, Emilie,Lauren, Mary, Anne, Ana, Catherine, Nancy, Madeleine,Dawn, Dylan, Josephine, Rachel, Olivia, and Daniel

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims in Sandy Hook Elementary.




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