you stand there with your

you stand there with your chest poked out, trying to tell us things we dont know about.well how about you sit in this uncomfortable desk and allow us to get some things off our chest.  You said you heard all the excuses and lies but have ypu seen some of the tears that your students cry? you know everything, you can never be wrong so guess how many of your students are barly holding on. They enter your class and your so quick to judge, they're on the edge and you give the extra nudge. Not even aware of what your about to do, you scope them out thats right you pick and choose. First row seat two, her name is Lisa and she is being abused. You speak to her and she ignores, shutting you like any other man in the world. You remind her of a man that made her his prey and that is why she has nothing to say. You force her to speak and stay after class, she is terrified and your scarring her bad. Fourth row seat three is Clark Jeffrey, i bet you can guess it .... he's being bullied. He likes the same sex and the other kids notice . they yell"your gay" right in front of your face, and without second thought you ignore them anyway. Some teacher you are instead of helping the cause your taking a part! Second row Last seat is Nicholas Black and he doesn't know how to read. You force himto read though he asks to pass, you embarass him infront of the whole class. How can you say you helping student to succeed when your one of the reasons they want to leave. Your face is red as you sit in that desk, sorry we just had to get it off of our chest.

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