I remember

I remember everything you did for me.

I remember when we met in 9th grade.
I still remember the prank you played on me you see,

And how I laughed when I finally got you back.
We started off hating each other,

Playing pranks, picking on the other is how we got along.
But after everything that happened we got closer and ended up loving one another.

I laugh at how cliché that is.
Too bad it didn’t last past high school,

Thanks to those bullies,
Since it was a nerd who had had enough and entered one day with a deadly tool.

How easily that could have been prevented.
He shot kids left and right. 

I saw bodies hit the floor so,
I screamed from the fright.

I cried as I saw people die.
You told me “I love you” and to “Run!”

I stayed paralyzed.
When the nerd pointed the gun,

And it slowly came,
To our heads.

I snapped out of it when I saw,
You kneel and beg.

So I ran to pull you up but you kept telling him,
To spare me and take you.

 I grabbed your sleeve,
While screaming “Get up you fool!”

But you didn’t listen so,
He pulled the trigger,

From insanity and panic.
And both our eyes got bigger.

When you turned to me and,
I saw a red liquid life leaving a stain on my shirt.

The pain slowly creeping in,
And nothing in your eyes but hurt.

You held me in your arms.
While you told me to stay with you.

But the pain and metallic smell got stronger and,
The bright white light only grew.

So I did the only thing I could;
I said “I love you” and kissed you for the last time.

While you cried and told me not to leave you.
You said you'd love me all your lifetime.

I was glad I would always be in your heart but,
As my life started slipping I closed my eyes and I begged you to move on.

You said you’d try and,
In the end you did, but your feelings for me were not long gone.


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