just some girl


47° 17' 6" N, 13° 13' 17.058" E

Ones apon-a-time there was a girl,
Her life was sad, lonely and just terrible,
She always try to hide the real her,
Beacuase people just didn't really care,
She tried to do something to her body weight,
But nothing really worked it wasn't great,
Shy tried so hard to change but didn't succeed he goal,
She went through so much pain she even tried to hurt her soul,
She might be the girl with a smile all day,
But at night her life goes grey,
U don't really see it but some people dose,
All she ever wanted was a little bit of trust,
All she ever wanted was a part,
A part of someone's love to be in her heart,
She has that now,
Someone gave it to her and made her feel save and sound,
In his arms she wished to be,
But sadly that's not what he sees,
Lies, lies go through the school,
Making there relationship sounds like a fool,
She tries to work things out but he didn't care and starts to shout,
She ran away,
snd never came back from that day,


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