Back down


United States
38° 55' 22.6884" N, 84° 32' 35.4732" W

I dont want to blend in with your high society
I would have too quit without my variety
Your world is insane
Its nothing but a mind game
What you want to see
What you want them to be
But you better remember
-Thats not me
I'm original
I'm an individual
Maybe you can hear the violence
If you sit and listen to the silence
Maybe then you'll see
Why all your people hae begun to flee
Now they know what your doing
And yes, that's them outside booing
They have realised
-Thats not me
Not only isnt it me, but it isnt them either
You better cut it out and be a believer
Their done with your games
And their setting this building to flames
So when you think the pain has just begun
Remember your no longer number one


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