<p>The only sound that broke between the two of them in the lonesome hallway was the orange death looming, cracking up at the boy’s attempt to escape.After a while, the boy finally quivered, “I don’t want to burn alive,” with rose-red rivers gushing down his battered body being hugged by the fallen metal structure that crunched his body into an unmovable state.</p> <p>The girl hurried and scurried over to the blazing debris, with the red paint littering the nearby wall with a cruel grin.She clawed and ripped through the metal, revealing an unsettling hole in the boy-filled with slugs in their new habitat;The rampant terror that raided this supposed safe spot in society had committed yet another sin.Desperation kicked in, causing the girl to shriek and cry because she realized that this maybe the last time they would ever chat.</p> <p>“No, stop,”He sputtered and pointed to the rotting monster, “I don’t want to burn alive.” </p> <p>The girl suddenly realized what he meant, and trembled on over to the camouflage terror. This terror disguised himself in many different ways, acting human with emotions and caring about how students felt; however, when the hunting began, this cloaked monster revealed its true colors and slaughtered with unlimited pleasure and ended lives in brutal ways with all but one major error.</p> <p>They shot the slugs at a target that held the gas that was used for an  auto mechanics class, and the slugs penetrated the target and started the fire, and the monster’s life was cut down like a stray wire.The orange death sprinted and dashed across abandoned halls, decaying classrooms, and bodies that had cell phones crying out for a forever unanswered call.</p> <p>Behind those calls were parents crying out to reach their kin one last time, but they were the victims of a brutal and unforgivable crime.The girl finally reached the cold-dead monster and took his gleaming gun, and as she picked up the slugs her legs and body started to weigh a ton.</p> <p>She somberly waltzed over to the young boy, who was in a deep state of despair like a soon-to-be abandoned toy. With blood rushing down his two watery portals, he said once again;“I don’t want to burn alive.” </p> <p>The girl gritted and clashed her teeth and face full of ways to apologize, she let the slugs wander with harsh cries and soon the orange fire consumed the cold boy who mercifully met his long-awaited demise.</p> <p>Oh, for when her newly released slugs were out to wander, not even sixty ticks on the clock up above the deceased boy, new slugs flew out and feasted on the girl from the tardy but idolized heroic first responders.</p>


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