January 22nd, 2016

January 22nd. 

La Loche, Saskatchewan. A little town in Canada's province. 

We were all over the news. False information and stupid media.

"School shooting, 5 dead and 8 injured"

"A 17-year old, open fired at a school in a small town in Saskatchewan"

"17-year old, shot and killed 4 people" 

It's been a little over a month since it happened. 

We're still healing.

We still have questions, unanswered from the shooter. 

4 died and 7 injured. 

4 funerals.

4 lives lost. 

2 brothers and 

2 teachers.

Adam, Marie,

Dayne and Drayden.

We miss you guys, very much.

We need you back. 

We're torn. 

We're broken. 

Please wake us up from this nightmare.

Nothings the same anymore. Nothings gonna change. 

Ill see all of you, someday. 

We all will, maybe we'll all finally be happy again. 

I love you, and i miss you guys. 

Have fun singing and dancing, angels. 

We will meet again. 

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My community


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