Race War

Race War

In today’s world there is so much hate of one another. Every time I turn on the news there is either a race riot somewhere or just someone was killed based on their beliefs or because of their race. This was a huge problem back in the 1950’s and 60’s with African Americans and Caucasians. Now today the problem between races or even religions is a problem with Americans and Middle Eastern Muslims.

                I go to a school where we have Arab-American students who are Muslims. We co-exist pretty well, but we have had our problems in the past. A couple years ago at my school there was a “race riot” between the Arab-American students, the white students, and the African American students. The fight started over who had more “power” in the school. The problem is the difference between races is not just in the school, it is also outside on the streets. I see people walking down the street every day discriminating against one another. People make fun of the Arab women for the way they look because of their religion they cover themselves all the way up. There are some women who cover up so much they seriously just show their eyes, and I hear people laugh at them for going along with their religion. I also hear people call them “ninjas” or “camel jockeys”.

                This hatred started a while ago when the United States was shaken from 9/11. Everyone wanted someone to blame when the planes were crashed into the Twin Towers, the crash landing in Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. I get where they are coming from in that aspect, the Taliban sent those men onto those planes with the plan of killing every single person on all four planes and all the people in the buildings. The Taliban had hatred for Former President George H. W. Bush, but it is twelve years later, people should move on to something new. Just like the fact we are still after twelve years in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan trying to change things.

                This war has been going on for thousands of years, and by war I mean the war of discrimination. It has been going on since before slavery and it will keep going with everyone in this generation, next generation, and the generation after that. No one will ever not hate someone based on the way they live their life. 

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