The Great Allusion


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 I am Falling can’t you see?

My Mind is drifting, slowly I’m Falling

Crowed by what I Try to be and what I Should be.

Everything is so heavy now.

Just   b  r  e  a  t  h  



Who knew letters could mean so Much, but little did they know,


I deal with letters everyday.

I just need some sleep


Do sports, Do clubs, Do your homework,

Get good Grades, Study Hard, Volunteer,

Oh……and be a kid too

Two years left,

 I Need more time


“You work too much!”

-But is it enough?

“Of course you’ll get in!”

-How do you know for sure?

I  need a    b r e a k  


I have the envelope in my hands, 

Who knew it would be so heavy,

Letters coming back to haunt me again,

No time left…this is it,


Did I get in?

...Thank you for your application,


And I didn’t even go to one single football game.

The End 


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