My Drunk Teacher

I recall one day, sitting in class,

The memory is quite vivid;

I called my teacher a pain in the ass,

And he was surely livid. 


It seems as though I was out of line, 

Yet I found my comment justified,

The teacher was drinking tequila with lime;

And the entire class was petrified.


Teach got drunk, his breath stunk,

He listed from left to right. 

He eyed up the classroom punk (me);

And asked for a fight. 


I figured I'd oblige the guy, 

As any good student would do. 

I dodged a punch aimed for my eye,

And beat him with my shoe. 


I told him; "Dude! You're drunk as hell!"

He merely shook his head. 

That was when teach passed out and fell,

Making the floor his bed. 














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