Sara and I

One day, Sara and I

we played in the sunshine, her eyes sparkling and wide.

We sat on the grass

to watch the ants march by.

One by one

under the midsummer sky.


We lay on the dirt

to look up at the clouds.

We saw rabbits, dragons, houses full of ghosts,

and a whole cheering crowd.

We ran up and down

through the garden rows.

Past the daffodils, the carrots,

the almost ripe tomatoes.


The Sara and I, we climbed up a tree.

In our minds, we saw a house, as pretty as can be.

Then I tumbled down, and I scraped my knee.

I yelled, and my mother came running.

We went inside, just as the sun was sining down.

I said "I was playing with Sara".

She sighed, looking round,

to the kindergarten picture of my poor sis Sara

next to the one of her resting peacefully in the ground



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