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Today is the day I'll die.
You never think about death at 15,
In the Marching Band,
An average B student.

Today started like any other, my alarm went
Off at 5:30, I got in the shower and got ready for High School.
I put on my favorite Palm Beach t-shirt I got last summer,
And fading old jeans.

Today as always, tripped down the stairs, almost breaking my mom’s vintage lamp.
I sat down for breakfast by myself because I was the only one who needed to be up this early.
All I can cook is cereal and toast.

Today my bus was here at 6:30, 5 minutes early.
I sat down next to my best friend who always smiles bigger than the morning sun.
Her name is Mary. I’ve known her since I moved here.
On the way to school, we go over our math homework together, like always.

Today the school looked like a grumpy man waking to the sounds of teenagers
He yells at from his bedroom window.
Everyone unloaded from the bus partly not willing because school is not their idea of a good
Time, the other part wanting to get off the 30-year-old bus that still smells like the 70’s.

Today started out like any other, first hour math goes by painless enough, second is always a
Different story, the teacher is very mean, and we blame it on her bitter divorce….5 years ago.
In the middle of third something happened, something that you never thought would happen in
A high school.

BANGS rang out today, louder than firecrackers.
I was in the bathroom thinking that there was someone playing with bottle rockets.
I went out still wiping my hands on my jeans then I saw them.
Guns, real guns, a small scream came out, but at that moment I died.

Today is the day I died.
You never think about death at 15,
On the swim Team,
An average B student

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