Do you not see it?

Do you not see it,

all the pain in his eyes?

He's bleeding and hurt.

You just turn your head away

and keep teaching the lesson.


They know what it is,

the reason why you don't care.

It's because he's gay,

and you are a "good" Christian.

You don't understand his pain.


There's more than one though.

You also don't get that girl

whose wrists adorn many cuts.

It's never occurred to you

that she's silently screaming.


Or what about him,

the atheist kid right there?

He respects your views,

but you try to preach to him

and make him hate school systems.


You blame it on them.

You blame their life choices for

their heartache and pain.

They’re still children who need help

and guidance that you won’t give.


The problem is you.

Your cold-heartedness hurts them,

but it's too late now.

You have done too much damage

to your student’s hearts and minds.


It's not your fault though.

You can't help your ignorance.

You were raised this way,

without the knowledge of love

or compassion for others.


My advice to you,

if you choose to take it,

is to be kinder.

Show them the love and guidance

they so want so badly from you.


School is intended

to be a place of safety

and a place to learn.

Students can’t enjoy it all

without you to guide them through.


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