Virginia Tech Massacre

Wed, 01/01/2014 - 22:44 -- AzuriT


There was an angry student standing in our mist,

We wished he would just stop,

Instead of scaring us a lot.


The gun was pointed,

And poised to shoot,

While the angry student screamed, "DON'T YOU MOVE!"


Our silent tears began roll fast,

Down our  cheeks,

As we kept wishing that our lives would last.


One wrong move, a bullet in my head,

One wrong move,

And we would all see red.


I clung to the student next to me,

And saw fear,

As far as the eye could see.


Even the gunman had tears in his eyes.

Even he was saying,

His last good byes'.


I wondered how he could be so full of fear,

When he was the one,

Who held us here.


Memories suddenly flashed through my mind,

With images of those,

Who I would leave behind.


A girl started talking to him,

Her voice was full of fear,

He shot her in the head, bringing us all to more tears.


Her lifeless body sprawled to the floor,

A beautiful student who,

Will live no more.


Blood splattered all over the walls,

With our screams thundering,

Through the halls.


The Police men were shouting outside,

Telling us to,



The gunman cocked the gun again,

The confidence in his smile,

Was very certain.


He told us all to line up, one by one.

And to the first students head,

He held the gun.


A small explosion filled the air,

As the students body fell,

Without care.


He made his way down the line,

Acting as if,

Everything was fine.


Closer and closer,

He almost came towards me,

Blantantly, ignoring every person’s pleas.


The girl beside me shivered and shook,

Staring at the boy's life,

He just took.


The gun was then pressed against her head,

And with one shot,

She was dead.


Human blood slapped my face,

As the gunman,

Closed the space.


Cold metal was forced against my chin,

As I waited for my death,

To begin.


Bang went the gun as,

I collapsed to the ground,

And with my last moments,

I looked around.


The gunman put the gun to his own head,

And with my last breath,

We were all dead.



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