Hallways of Shadows


We were all surprised
When outside the sun continued to rise and shine
A reminder that time just keeps moving
As if everything is fine.

Even if it clearly is not fine.

Inside school hallways,
It was quiet as the grave
Except save for the occasional cry of pain
As the silence snuck its way
Under somebody’s skin somewhere.

It was a hallway of shadows,
Of mourners, for friends who knew
And those that didn’t still cried for the few,
Because the heart still breaks anyways.

There now sat an empty seat,
Though they would,
Could not say it aloud.
There were whispers
But they would,
Could not say it aloud.

It was fear.

To say it above a whisper
To awknowledge the reality this was not a dream
Would make it real,
And everything might just fall apart at that.

So it seemed.

As if there was no empty seat.
If we did not look,
Did not say it out loud
As if a person,
Now gone
Could sit there tomorrow.

But here we found a wound
Too gaping to heal
Without leaving a mark,
A scar on the memories of a day
That otherwise would have been,
Should have been forgotten.

And we struggle up a mountain
Of comprehension,
Attempting to carry the heavy burden
Of hearts that are so broken
That we can barely move under the weight
Of all the pieces.

While outside,
The sun continued to rise and shine
Smiling it’s light upon a town
That would rather stumble blind in the dark
Than be found by its rays.

But time will keep moving,
As if everything is fine,
And though it will be long,
There will come a time
Where even though it’s not the same
We are fine.


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