Teacher Teacher

Teacher teacher please sit down

take a second to remove your crown.

Get out your binder and please take notes

this next subject is no joke.


Pregnancy, bullying, and drugs walk the halls

it can't be fixed with a write up or call.


Her baggy shirts and sweatpants hide what's underneath

Pause from your lesson plan to take a peek

The other girls are pointing and stairing

but she goes home to no one caring.


Black eyes and bloody noses are a daily thing

At school and at home everyone gets a swing

He stays up late thinking of revenge 

when the only thing he really needed was a friend. 


See that little round pill he just swallowed?

Failing grades and rebelion is what follows.

He gave into pressure to be cool

Now he is drowning in a missery pool.


So teacher teacher did you learn?

Help is all  these students yearn. 


Need to talk?

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