Walls of Glass

Walls of Glass

By: Ashton Brophy 

They said I could hide it

Said I would never feel a thing

Said that there’d be comfort 

No hurt, no pain 

I knew it was wrong 

But I didn’t care that day 

An’ now I am a’ wishing

That I had stayed away 

They said they could provide 

Whatever I should need

As long as I lied for them

I could be free

As long as I vouched for them

They would vouch for me 

As I soon learned 

When I got burned 

The opposite was true 

It hurt me, it hurt them

And now it's coming for you

Heed my warning 

Please, my friend 

Please, oh, please 

Don’t trust ‘em

Those walls of jagged glass

 they cut me deep

Those walls are thick 

Their edges steep

I saw a ghastly sight that night

The night the walls closed in

Blood was shed and it was mine 

On those see-through walls of sin


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Ashton Brophy

I wrote this after when relfecting on bad decisions and trying to understand what the shooter of our local high school must have felt.

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