Sit DontTalk and Listen

Control is what you taught me, was that your intention.

You always told me when where what and how to do it.

Measured by how much I remember not by what I thinking, am I allowed to mention?

You told me how to behave, respond, and when to quit.

"Sit dont talk and lsten

It took you twelve years to teach me things you read not things that you learned

Obvious when you didnt know when I was hungry afraid or sad?

When will I be allowed to express all that yearn?

Or does that happen when you tell me that Im a high school grad?

"Sit dont talk listen"

Now Im unemployed have to think take action and make decisions

I hate to believe I may do something negative shown world wide

Isnt there something you could have done to prevent this collision?

Stand for whats right, speak up and glisten!









If and when people are allowed to express themselves, help can be given to those in need . Especially, In time to save the lives of innocent people.  Enough senseless deaths by people who feel that they need to be heard in such a destructive manner

Need to talk?

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