Where were you?

Where were you?
When you heard your first gunshot.

Where were you?
When you first realized that bad things,
happen to good people.

Where were you?
When you first lost a friend.

We all cried for the poor lost souls.
We all cried for the grieving families.

But tell me,
How many tears have you cried for the other students?

For me,
My first gunshot was hunting.

For many of them,
it was in their "safe" classroom.

For me,
I learned that good things,
happen to good people,
when my grandma died.

For them,
It was when they saw their friends,
brutally murdered.

I Have not yet lost a close friend.
I am 18 years old.

Every student in that school,
every student lost at least one friend that day.

The ones who were lost will always be remembered.
But what happenes to the ones who survived.
They will be haunted till the day they join their friends in heaven.

Where were you?
I was in school.
So were they.
But they were in school,
watching their teachers and friends die.

Don't forget Sandy Hook.
Don't forget the lives lost.
But also,
don't forget the lives that were forever damaged that day.

Remember where you were.
But also,
Remember where they were.

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