You Think


You think you know what it's like to be a student.

You think we're safe, you think we're fine,

sometimes, you think that we're out of line.

But the truth is that what you think may not be true,

do you think you've had a student truly talk to you?

You think you know, you think you care,

regardless of what you think, you are unaware.

You don't know the struggles, you're blind to the fight,

you think that we students don't have a plight.

You think we don't know, the hardships of life.

But my friend just got stabbed,

last week, with a knife.

The blood was spilled all over the floor.

And his poor sister was always called a whore,

she got depressed, started cutting and crying,

you think she is happy, but inside she is dying.

So next time, before you think we're okay,

how about you give us the damn time of day?





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