Teacher, Teacher.

Teacher, Teacher,

Teach me what i need to know. 

Math. Science. Biology.

No, not subjects that will save your job from the hunger games that teaching is.

Teach me what will save me.

Detest. Hate. Anger. 

Teach me how to deal with that.

Bullies. Self Harm. Eating disorder.

Teach me that with education, i can escape that.

Violence. Home. Alcohol.

I couldnt do my homework.

But you dont want to hear that.

I missed a couple days.

Piles. Homework. Grades.

But you dont want to help me catch up on that.

Speechless. Home. Life.

How do I tell you that.

Teacher, teacher, 

you dont know me.

You dont know what i go through.

I am not some pawn in your everyday life.

I am not just another dollar on your paycheck stub

I am more than what you see me as

I am not just one

I do NOT represent the whole

I have potential.

You should not care if my skin is black or white or purple, 

You should not care if i am gay or bi or straight, 

that should not influence how you look at me. 

Teacher, Teacher.

Look out for me as if i was your own. 

Care. Guide. Teach.

Teacher, Teacher. 

Dont preach. Dont judge. Dont discriminate.

Do more than just, 





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