A Tribute to Sandy Hook

Speeches on the news,

Articles in the paper,

Flags at half mast,

America has been wounded.


Someone attacked her children

In the safest place we could offer them,

In a school in Sandy Hook;

In a place of learning and innocence.


Now evil has stained it.

The innocence has been overshadowed

With the sound of gunshots

As a man stormed in and killed.


Charlotte. Daniel. Olivia. Josephine. 

Ana. Dylan. Madeleine. Catherine. 

Chase. Jesse. James. Grace. 

 Emilie. Jack. Noah. Caroline.

 Jessica. Benjamin. Avielle. Allison. 


We mourn for you,

For your sweet faces,

Smiling up at us as the sun

Glistens in your bright eyes.


How we will miss hearing your laughter,

Seeing you run and play on the playground,

Blowing out your candles on your birthday,

Tucking you in at night.


But now there are unopened presents,

Silent and sad under the tree.

How much they want to be opened,

And be treasured by you.


But we know that you are safe,

If God cares for the birds and animals

Then he certainly cares for you,

And now you are with Him.


Now you are smiling down on us,

You make the Sun shine brighter.

You dance alongside angels,

Up on the tops of fluffy clouds. 


Save a spot for us in heaven,

And we will join you in Jesus' outstretched arms.

Together we will dance and sing praises,

To an Almighty and Loving God.

 Who loves the Birds and the Animals,

And treasures you above all of these.


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