Step one: High five

Step two: Lock the thumbs

Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other

Step four: Make a two fingered gun

Step five: Bang

It happens so fast, and by the time I realize what I'm witnessing,

they are laughing and smiling

and inviting me to join

and I look at their still pointed fingers

and I pray for them

But I also pray for myself

That we all have strength and that

we will never make the worst mistake

It's not "Just a suicide pact"

It's not "Just for fun"

In case you haven't noticed, you're both depressed

In case you haven't realized I am too

In case you haven't heard about

that girl from our school who killed herself

Let me be the one to enlighten you-

It's not just a handshake.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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