Hell in this Cell


As I walk down the halls in the prison known as school 

I see the clown kissing the cheer queen

I see the Bull pushing the next Einstein down the hollowed stairs

I see the Brick walls creating corners of the prison cells

I watch as the prisoners walk into class and sit down in their own square foot of space 

The buzzer to tell that hell is about to break out 

The prison guards walk in to start their tortures to the young and weaker inmates

Going on for the next hour making the inmates moan and secretly scream in their heads

The Buzzer ringing again causes everyone to run out of the cell as fast as they can

Realizing they have 7 hours of hell left for the day

The select few get to go to the yard 

The meanest strongest guard of all makes the inmates give what remaining energy they have left to exert it into activity resulting in injury and pain

The unlucky few get stuck in a different cell for an hour or so

Time for lunch time

The cooks giving out the worst food they can

The rotten meat, month old milk, and the dead lettuce

A few inmates sneak of property for a moment to get fresh air

Inhaling the harsh chemicals to make their day a bit better

The buzzer ringing periodically

By the end of the day the inmates are weak and tired

Their heads hurting

Their bodies sore

The inmates get few hours of freedom till there next sentence taking place the next day


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