To You

Tis the common law of nature

that the petals become faded

Ephemeral as every thing is

one's hopes once tall grow jaded.

You too, who were so--you

immortality came belated

gone away on the zephyr

with not a glance to I who waited.

Tis the common law of nature

that one shall learn to erase

the joys, the stings, the little things

gone away, without a trace.

Your voice, your grin, your laugh I loved

the exact speed of your pace

Nevermore shall I recollect in full

the wonders of your face.

Gone are the Eden days of yore

when your every smile caused the day to bloom

the days of eternal spring have flown

your laugh echoes not in every room.

The wind of the hour whisper to you their dirge

I wish to weep upon your tomb

but happy am I, for your soul flies high

though returned to Mother Nature's womb.

Though tis the common law of nature

that mended shall be every heart that tore

In the secret Innisfree where memories dwell

shall you live in me--forevermore.



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