Bullying stops here

I can’t sleep at night,

Knowing it isn’t right.

A boy goes to prison for stabbing 19

Yet each “victim” gets off scot free

Why did he stab them? Does anyone care?

It’s sad to think someone can make one feel so worthless and scared

Everyone’s praying for all the victims

Yet this is the motive they depicted

What about the boy they drove to madness?

The reason behind his sadness

Calling names we all heard before,

Fat ugly, maybe even whore

The words sting deep and we develop this emotion

It drags you on as if in a motion

Day by day until you snap

Another school violence occurring on the map

You’ve made the news, but is that what you want?

Or was it all along just to stop the taunt?

I can’t stand to see who the media try to blame,

Putting the parents into shame

“Something was suspicious about him this week,”

What about throughout the year when they called him a freak

The teachers heard it but school is never to blame

Each kid offers to speak to get some fame

“He was such a nice kid”

Then why did you treat him that way?

Making him feel less of a human each day

Did you do it to make yourself feel better or was it for dominance?

Gave you power but what about his confidence?

Putting him down day after day

Yet the police are asking, “What made him this way?”

So many heroes and so many prayers

Yet where were they before? How come nobody cared?

It’s sad to think each suspect had a motive

Still the news broadcasts it as if a promotive

Each time’s the same, just a new date

A tragedy occurs, but yet again we’re too late

Words are swallowed by complete silence

No one speaks up and it slowly leads to violence

What could we do? How could we stop it?

“It’s the child’s fault” as if he chose to be unfit

Actions speak louder than words

Maybe the reason behind it was so a child could be heard

Nearly one in three students report being bullied throughout the year

64% didn’t report it and lived in fear

One in 12 teens has attempted suicide

Yet we’re still trying to come up with a reason why

Why is it that there were nine suicides in the last year?

Why do children come home from school in tears?

It was just a few words, maybe just a rumor

Somebody’s the circulation of another’s humor

Until one day he comes for revenge

But still he’s the monster when they pushed him to the edge

Approximately 160,000 children stay home each day

The reason hind it states, because they were afraid

Many children suffer in silence or even self harm

It takes a school stabbing to make others become alarmed

There are people out there who know right from wrong

Then why is it that we choose not to get along

So here I am stating with my little voice

Everyone needs to be heard… And bullying is not a choice



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