A Safe Haven

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 18:08 -- RaeAnon

There's nothing like entering a school campus early in the morning

Only a few cars are there, so one can get a front row spot

Have you ever walked into an English teachers classroom?

There's a completely different vibe to it.

There's no one right answer posters on the wall,

But student's creativity flowing and ebbing amongst the four corners

Mine will smell of coffee and freedom.

Morning classes will consist of a few moments to wake up, 

To relax after fighting traffic in the parking lot and bickering with parents and siblings

In the afternoon, my kids will tease me about my forty-four ounce styrofone cup of Dr.Pepper

But I'll laugh with them and reply that the caffeine keeps me sane 

There will be a stash of cup of noodles for anyone who forgets their lunch and a charging station for their phones

Because a classroom should be a safe haven,

And I want to make sure that when I educate troubled youth,

They know that.


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