Sat, 12/06/2014 - 01:39 -- milady

Laughter is something about a joke and has a smile

It goes on but some smiles fade away

Why you may ask is something called bullying

Which people make fun of you because the way you look or dress

That is stupid though

I think to myself how do the bullies feel when they call someone a whore, slut, and bitch

How about if the person that is being abused stands up for the first time 

Maybe the bully will be offended and maybe beat him/her to death or maybe something worse

The bully might leave his/her corpse lying somewhere in the ground and will forget about it

The cops will find the body and will look for the person who killed her/him

While the parents are crying and desperetly looking for who killed thier precious child

How will you guys stop it? How will the world stop it?

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