Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me


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Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me

Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Did I do something to make you angry
Did I not wear the proper clothes today
Does my hair look messy on any given day
Did my shoes and strings not match your expectations
Why didn’t I get one of your party invitations
Is my shirt not pretty to look at that you think you can pull it down
Did I smile the wrong way or was it upside down seen as a frown
Did I walk to close to you or not far enough away
I don’t think anyone will miss me if I just ran away
Did I say a single word to you that made you upset
Are you hurting and teasing me over a bet
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Did I wear the wrong belt too tight within my jeans
Must you keep mocking me within your demeans
Are my hips to big and not small
Are my eyes not pretty enough at all
Why must to hit my glasses off of my eyes like you do
You’ve tampered with my self worth for many years its true
Did I wear the wrong earrings that are not pricey enough for you
Does my hair fall the wrong way in my face
Why must you have the right to hurt others, it’s really not your place
Did I cry too much when you hit me
My tears were not enough for you when you kicked me
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Did I scream to loudly for your ears to hear
Was my voice not loud enough or clear
You’ve tossed my glasses on the floor beneath me
I cry in desperation because I clearly can’t see
I wish you wouldn’t bully me each day
Each day when you bully me I’m whispering in pain as I pray
Does my voice make you uncomfortable that you have to make a scene
I hate being your punching bag or something in between
Do I bite my nails to short or are they too long when I scratch you in agony
Is my dress to short that you feel you have to make fun of my knees
Did I mark up our assignment with my handwriting
Did I cough in front of you while I was walking
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Did I do my speech in front of class too awkwardly
In preschool I was your best friend formerly
Did I sneeze to loudly that made a loud enough sound
Why must you keep pushing and pulling me on the ground
Why do you always have to pick on me
Just leave me alone pretty please
Did I run too fast past you yesterday
Is that why you’re hurting me more than usual today
Did I forget to throw the ball to you in gym class
You fail to remember you said that when it’s your turn you’d pass
Am I not allowed to say a word in front or behind you
Must you always try to trip me as I walk by your friends and you
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Is my missing limb that much of a problem in your sight
You call me names that break into my shame which is already too tight
Do you have to laugh just because you say I’m no good or just a nobody
When your hurt my feelings or beat my body to a pulp I just want to be somebody
I really don’t like being in your web of hateful people in a column
I’m not looking for your approval or any nominee
You call me horrible demeaning names that build up within side of me
Why do you think you’re more popular than others
It doesn’t matter if you have more things than I do to me it’s no bother
Do my books in my arms block your view
Do you really have to smirk my way just like the other few
Do I bug you that much to you feel you can toss on the ground my only food I have to eat today
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Do you really have to always try to run faster than me
If I’m behind you does that make you feel better that I’m not within your view
How much more can you take from me because its very rude
Do you really have to compare our test scores in front of the whole class
You may have gotten an A- but, I at least got a B+ so, I still pass
It’s embarrassing and frightful to hear you say that you’ll always do be then me
Why must you laugh at me because I didn’t get new clothes to wear
You’ve taken so much from me that as I cut and cut and cut myself I bleed
Do you have to always feel that you can pick on anyone around you without their tears
When you call me fat, ugly, stupid, moron, useless, weakling, smelly, and a bitch
I wonder at those moments if my silence is killing you with a glitch
Do you have to always try to be the teacher’s best friend
Sometime in your future you’ll have to stop your bullying and not pretend
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
I can’t wait until the bell rings so I can disappear
Pretend that you’re not here nor there
I shut my eyes in hopes that you won’t reappear
Am I walking to fast or slow for you that you had to elbow me in the hallway
Don’t you know how to be nice and stop within your tracks on the way
Why do you feel you have to tell others to not sign my yearbook
I wish I could just disappear and be invisible
In hopes of never ever seeing you again with your mean and horrible looks
I take pills to be thin, I take pills to end this pain, and I take pills that hopefully will end my life
Your name calling and actions towards me make me cut, and cut, and cut myself to end my life
Why do you have to laugh and joke at me because everyone forgot my birthday
Teasing me as if I don’t have a special celebrated day
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
You make fun of me because I stutter so with my words I don’t utter
Does my jacket over my head make you think you can torture me more
It’s not funny, I wish you would take away your verbal words and physical actions and deplore
Is my music to loud that makes you seem to think its ok to pull out my ear plugs
When I am answering a teachers question do you really have to make those different sounds
I’ve asked you many times within my whispers to please leave me alone and go debug
It’s at these times amongst other times that I wish I were nowhere to be found or around
How come you think and feel it’s ok for you to mess with me
I may not be perfect but, neither are you can’t you figure it out and see
Why do your friends have to play your whispers of torture over and over again
What is it about me that you seem to despise
Why must you cut in front of me throughout the day when we are in so many lines
Who do you think you are and what do you want with me
Do you feel that powerful that you can destroy what is left of me
What did I ever do to you for you to pick on me in the crowd
Don’t you realize that you’re hurting me out loud
Don’t you realize that it’s not fair to taunt someone but, you are within the crowd of students
If only the teachers would step in and make their known presence
I go to the restroom to puke my guts out
I cut myself to get these painful feelings out
I don’t eat so I can be someday thin
Your bullying makes me feel that it’s a battle I can’t ever win
Maybe just maybe someday I’ll kill myself and be free to breathe
Does anyone really care that I’m being bullied or that my friends too are being bullied
I try so very hard to make you see me and to fit in but, I never win
The heart within my chest is quiet for a view but, it’s beating heavily within my chest
I’m such a huge, huge, horrible mess
Please God get me through these educational years
I’m often just surviving and living in fear
I want a chance to be alive, free, safe and fearless towards others who bully me

Who do you think you are and what do you want with me

It doesn’t matter what you think or who you are or what you want with me


Written and Copyrights By: Deanna M. Culver
June 4, 2013


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