All power means

Is Pointless Oppression Without Even Respect

I am powerless

But that’s what makes my actions powerful


The world’s ugly

But also beautiful

Since the beginning of time,

We’re constantly told the world is cruel

That people who try to fight are fools


And that to live life,

Conflict can't be in sight

“It’s quite nice where there’s peace,”

But forgot that,

That cruelty is still there

It doesn’t affect us- we don’t care


That was a blur,

An ugly one

What isn’t, was the memory of my sister

Telling me

“You gotta fight for what you want!”


So I believed it...

The Walkout

Orange everywhere

We were bright stars

A megaphone in my hand

It was 10:00

17 minutes, all we needed

and decided my voice couldn’t be defeated


The looks

They were proud

“Thank you.”

Because we need to be LOUD


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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