10 Thoughts to a Freshman from a Senior

Number one: When you walk through the doors on the first day of your freshman year, don't get too excited. Before you know it this place and these people will rip you apart and leave your remains scattered about the school grounds. As you take a deep breath in, you will realize that the air you breathe, is toxic. The people who surround you are as fake as the fruit on your kitchen table. But at the time you will not care. You will be too caught up in the noises and the rush around you. You will look at your schedule as you approach your locker on the far end of the hallway. When you arrive you will grab your binder and head to class with nothing but positive thoughts on your mind. But child, listen carefully... Let me warn you now, that binder you so innocently carry to class today, will soon be filled with suicide letters signed by yourself....   Number two: When you start to lose friends, and trust me, you will. When you start to lose friends you will wonder what is wrong with you. You will spend countless hours examining every word you ever said to that person. Because after all, there must be a reason why they left, Right? Wrong. They left because that's what people do. You are young now, but you will soon figure out that the movies lie. Friends do not last a lifetime because relationships do not last lifetimes. People don't stay together just look at all the broken homes around you. People break people because people are broken, and everyone else must follow suit.   Number three: your sophomore year, you will feel insignificant. Having no major roll in the drama called high school. While the seniors are getting ready for graduation, and the juniors are tending to prom, you will be watching. Observing the freshmen wandering confused, observing the juniors with nothing to lose, observing the seniors as they begin to say goodbye, observing the other sophomores as they sit and watch time fly. But listen kid, this is my fair warning. All around you clicks are forming. If you catch yourself alone at the end of this year, you might as well dropout. Because after this year, only the popular kids get to hangout.   Four: listen kid. don't skip lunch. Don't you dare do it not even once because then it will become a habit. And damnit kid you deserve happiness. You deserve a fair shot at life so don't you do it. Fat is not a negative word don't let anybody tell you that it is. When you say that you are fat. And somebody says no you are beautiful. Look at them straight in the face. Give them your meanest look and put them in their place. Because I have always wondered why a woman can't be both. Why can't big be beautiful too?   Five: love yourself... Because before you graduate you will realize that you are the only person on this planet that will love you the way you deserve to be loved. No boyfriend or husband will treat you with the love and respect your body deserves because they do not understand the struggle you had to face and the demons you had to fight to love your body. They do not understand all the weird and amazing things your body does. But you do. Because it has taken you all your life to love your body. And you will be damned if they think that their love is stronger than that.   Number six: When you begin your junior year. You will realize how much your life has changed since you first entered the doors of this hell hole called school. You realize that you are almost done pretending to love this town you live in. You will spend most of this year trying to please the seniors. Fundraising for prom and then preparing the props. You will either realize how much you love doing crafts or how much you hate glitter. You will have at least one true friend. Hold on to them for as long as you can. This year will fly by, new crushes and new cars to drive. But the most important lesson to learn that year, is how to be honest with people no matter what feelings you feel. When you wear a prom dress remember this one thing, you buy the dress to fit the person, not the other way.   Seven: throughout high school you will have countless opportunities to drink, party, do drugs, and have sex. My advice... is  don't. No matter what, that shit gets around. And before you know it you've got your name flying about. It's best to stay low, under the weather. Because at least then you don't have to worry about catching slut fever. Watching the popular people waste away, you will realize that this is it for them. That high school is their peek. The only thing they will have accomplished in life is prom queen, or prom king. But if you stay true to yourself, you will realize that your future holds so much more. Don't you ever, I mean ever... stop reaching for your goals.   Eight: your senior year will fly past in a heartbeat. You will close your eyes and when you open them you'll be forty. By now you will have experienced the worst of your years. Maybe you saved some good memories through the tears. Do everything you can your senior year to achieve the things you dream. Try hard in your classes and don't let senioritis get you down (yes, trust me.... it's a thing) promise me you won't procrastinate. Get things done. Believe me you won't regret it. Don't let the popularity contest get you down, remember that they are all fools, nothing more than clowns.   Nine: I know I said it once. But this one is important. Love yourself fully. Your life has a purpose.   Ten: graduation will come and go faster than you think. Your friends will say goodbye and leave to chase their dreams. Your enemies will move away but one thing is for sure. Those four awful years are behind you, and you've got so much better in store. Good luck in life and goodbye for now I hope my story helped you out. This isn't all the advice that I would like to give, but I fear if I say more you will forget to live. 


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