The "Beowulf" in me!

   The Beowulf in me would be like my battle against depression,Always caving for love when I barely got any affection,Always wishing for supporting hands when I barely had any protection,Wishing for better grades but my study time I was neglecting,  Beat by my inner Grendels my heart was in pain and my soul was in tears,Not knowing of this battle that I would put up with for months, maybe even years.The tension got stronger and Grendel had all of the power,The days got colder and seasons changed faster with every hour.  When will I finally have the chance to face this cowardly beast,Who would've ever guessed that my senior year we would come to meet,Toe to toe me and my Grendels (problems) would stand,But little did I know I would be fighting this battle,with the help of my beloved friends.We all stood tall and set out to conquer this monstrous beast, Little did we know friendship would help with Grendels defeat,After this great battle I proposed a feast,So all of my friends could see that the war and Grendels wrath has ceased.  Better decisions, emotions, and grades,My Grendels was gone because of my faith,I was destined for greatness just like my father above,And I knew this fight could be won with God and my friends who showed love.  The End.   2016©     

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