To my Future, via letter

Hi, I'm writing this to you in blue pen, 

I don't like blue pen because it bends around the page,

Informal like sweat pants and oversized hoodies,

Future please bend me a rainbow; grow me flowers; and capture the clouds for me,

Please Future give me pages to fill, lines to read, imagery i can master,


Hi, Future please let me write this to you in blue pen,

the words show my sarrow,

in these words a man's name wants to slip off my lip,

his name crushes my soul,

my eyes begin to ran letter others know he is not a man but a monster,

he has practiced with bloody hands and now he has my throat,

this man took 59 lives Future. 


Future please, write me a field of flowers, 

do not give my society another shooting,


I wrote this letter to you in blue pen,

please take these letters of blue to replace the tears. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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