Easy For You to Say


United States
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Well, it's easy for you to say
That any day is a good day
It's easy for you to think
That we all have great reasons to blink
Each and every day stabs harder than the last
Each and every night reminds me of the past
It's not that I'm feeling sorry for myself
It's just that this isn't good for my health
For stress is the fear of the unknown
Somebody else's fear that I have made my own
For all these years of suffering and haunting
Of crying, screaming, kicking, dying
I'm finally free of hopelessness and stress
Only to realize that I'm still a freaking mess
So tell me, my glorious and gracious Lord
Why shall I not believe the Devil's word?
Why should I keep trying and trying?
When clearly, my soul is dying
Tell me, do I have enough time?
For time is needed to atone for my heinous crime
If so, then guide me to your wisdom
To most spacious and alluring kingdom
Tell me, for I truly do not comprehend
All my tedious tasks and skills that lie at hand

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