A sudden remembrance

The wind shrilled through her hair
making it flow like waves on a undisturbed beach.

Somehow synchronizing our steps

we walked.

We left no trace of where we were going

‘cause we didn’t want to be found.

I heard a frightening sound

that sent chills up my spine like the skin was going to jump off my back.

It was her.

She was on the ground.


I dropped to my knees like the tears from my eyes.

I looked at her face that was in pain.

I somehow seemed to see all our memories flash by.

How she had loved me and I had never loved her back.

How I was stupid,

How I made her feel because of it

how she became suicidal,

and I didn’t want her to die,

But now she is.

Not by her own hands,

but by another.

A darkening shadow loomed over me.

I saw her eyes glance behind me, before they swell shut from the pain.

My own memories flashed by,

because I was sure I was going to die.

Because after all this time

I did love her,

And I now would never be able to tell her that.

My hair matted to my face as it began to rain,

I took her to my lap

and screamed.

I screamed for her,

And I screamed in my own pain

as a bullet passed into my veins.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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