The Threat

There's a fear clawing at the inner walls of my heart,
a fear of unknown things.
It stretches my chest and crawls into my brain,
where with silent power,
it rings.
I'm afraid of the people around me
because I never know what they will do.
I rely on trust which scares me the most,
because who is being true?
I think I know them,
I see them each day.
Blank faces down stretched out halls.
I think they are safe, sane, realistic,
at least...I make these calls.
But then there's a threat and I begin to question
each individual's sincerity.
How can one threaten to bomb the school,
as he stands in the same crowd as me?



sometimes people pull dumb pranks because they think they're funny but they don't realize how their jokes affect entire communities.

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