The Valedictorian


United States
32° 40' 16.2552" N, 96° 52' 21.468" W

you watch the girl across the hall but as she cries for help while the others crowd around her. you step in to help her and in the process you get hurt also. when everything is over and done with you r upset, why were they attacking her, her clothes are in shambles, her hair is a mess her shoes have disappeared, and her eye is blackened. she gets up and dusts herself off, then runs down the stereet as if to hide her shame. you follow close behind because you want to know her name. you finally catch up to her and as she tellls you h er name you realise it was your freind from middle school. you tell the principle they do nothing about it, then you meet her once again but she is now transferring schools once more. you ask her why and she simply states, "im tired of the bullies." Three months later you find her at graduation as valedictorian of her class

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