Mr. Bully

Mr. Teacher is grumpy,

He's short and a little stumpy.

In class a boy gets up to find a familiar face,

But Mr. Teacher commands him back to his place.

As the year goes on the boy still gets up,

And he talks with his friends till Mr. Teacher commands he shut up.

Everyday the boy gets yelled at,

Even though other kids behave like brats.

Mr. Teacher picks on the boy but why?

How many times must he yell before the boy cries?

Soon the students realize that this teacher is unfair,

He harasses the poor boy, but of course he doesn't care.

If he would only take the time to see this boy's success,

Maybe the poor boy could relieve some of his stress. 

For everyday he's scared to come to this class,

With a teacher so mean who acts like an ass. 

But he knows that one day he will have made it, 

And he'll forget about the teacher who treated him like shit. 


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