Elementary School

Elementary school was wrose than you could possibly imagine.

The wrost experience of my life,

if I was ever depressed in my short life,

Then I was depressed in Elementary school.

The school to this day still sends shivers down my spine

whenever I enter it's halls.


Kindergarten, Supposedly the sfest grade there will be.

Where no one will judge you,

you get nap time, 

play all day long and only learn the alphabet and how to count to 10.

All of these stereotypes!

On the first day of kindergarten I was nervous.

No one knew me; no one cared to know me because they judge this book by its cover.


"You just sit around the playground all by yourself! You have no friends!

You're friendless,



I hear their words over and over again,

Sounding like metal being scratched on by a sharp knife.

Hoping the pain and loneliness they caused wouldn't sallow me alive.

I was a frequent victim to diamond-rough words in 4th grade. 

I was only able to tap the desk quietly over and

over again as their words and my pathetic comebacks echo through my mind.


5th grade came and I began to have friends,

someone opened up to me and I wasn't weak anymore.

But the other's lies, their greed, their misery still left me feeling sick.

The words left an awful stench inside me,

the smell of rotten corpses piled high on top of moldy cheese,

corrupt meat, and other things that gave the sfoul smell more power.


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