"How now brown cow?" 

Is what I would've said, about now,

But within this past year 

I over came my fear.


to say what one's inner self wants

without always having to say

something that might

offend, causing a fight 

just to prove that I'm right.


a gift from emotion

to try and avoid all the comotion.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride,

with its lows and highs

making you touch the sky. 

Once you above so high

its like a high you can't even describe.

But once you get as low

as low as you can go 

it can feel as you have no hope.

So go on express yourself 

since the year is coming to an end

and I just want to say AMEN.

Since I'm getting ready for a new one to begin

so I could do it all again.

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