I Went to See the Stars Today


United States
41° 13' 19.5384" N, 73° 2' 47.1516" W

I Went to See the Stars Today…I find no more the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign upon which the Sun would shine…An Angel and a Bird have taken it's place to float in the Sping Breezes of this now Sacred Place…As I sit and watch the pinwheels spin, the flowers dance, and the Teddy Bears whose soft fur is stroked by the gentle caress of the wind at the base of this wooden post from up above in the shining Sun I feel the spirits and Love of those who are now gone…I Went to See the Stars Today and I hope that all who ever knew one of those Stars feels the warmth of their Love as the Sun Shines each day before they grace us with their Starlight each nite. MDA 4-6-13


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