Spotlight //. By : Melissa H.

The girl

Was all alone

She cried inside 

And hid behind

Her tears that

Blinded her

But no one heard

Her cry for help

For she looked as if she was ok

She was always smiling

Even though

She was a broken soul

People thought that she was shallow

But she was only shy

She was afraid of the world

So she hid behind 

The walls she built

She showed no emotion

She would silently sigh

Every time

Someone passed by

She cut herself

Only sometimes

She would do it cause

She felt it gave her

The power to decide

Of course

She didn't want to die

But sometimes 

People go too far

They say things a little too harshly

Without realizing 

That words do hurt people 

the words they say 

Do hurt this girl

They make her feel 

Like she is alone

As if she has no one 

Whom to confide

So instead she took her life

And still nobody

Noticed that this girl 

Could have had such a 

Bright life ahead of her

They took her life

And nobody cried 

For they believed 

She was just

 a girl

That wanted to be

In the spotlight


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