School Fight


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Hold it, hold it don’t let it fall
Once it falls he’ll call you a cry baby
You scream at the top of your lungs
You are angry and about to explode
In your head you know you have to look tuff
You feel the water coming down you are trying to stand your ground
You are blinded by the puddle that has been created in your eyes
You know they see your tears but you continue to stand your ground
You refuse have anyone think you are weak
He is not getting to you these tears are nothing
Well, they don’t mean what he thinks it means
He is not hurting your feelings these tears are misleading
Your emotions are mixed and you cannot handle the tension
Sitting on the bottom of your eyelids is full of rage, annoyance and frustration
All he will see is your tears
The puddle is coming down you widen your eyes
That is not working before you know it you blink
The puddle in your eyes becomes a waterfall down your face
You quickly rub your cheeks
Too late the crowd looks at you, he looks at you and you look at him
You read his bearing lips
All you hear is "look at the little baby crying"
All you feel are your fingers quenching in a fist and your hand going against the direction of the air
And a boy in the crowd screams fight



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