When Will it be Mine?

School has always been my escape.
I entered school and all my troubles were left behind.
But my fear overcomes me.
I cower with every sound that fills my ears
And I remember the news and all the tears.
I walk the halls with my peers and I wonder
Will they be here next year?
I leave school and tell my family goodbye
As if it could be my last,
As if my school will be announced by the newscast
I remind myself tomorrow is not promised.
Sometimes I feel safe
But I always remember these headlines:
Sandy Hook
Stoneman Douglass
Virginia Tech
I can't help but wonder, when will it be mine?

This poem is about: 
Our world



I am a teacher in Mexico, Missouri.  I would love your permission to use the poetry piece in our Readers Theatre.  My email is sgiven@mexico.k12.mo.us



I am a teacher in Mexico, Missouri.  I was moved by your poetry.  May I use this in our Readers theatre performance?  Please email me at sgiven@mexico.k12.mo.us


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