Dear Her,

Two classes become one, yet the tension continues. With each moment, the suspense tightens like a noose around my neck. Do you feel it too? While looking for ways danger could seep through the cracks, you are happily listening to the lecture. At the door, a knock, my heart races. Could this be my worse fear coming true? Will this be the moment you learn about my watchful eye over you? A stranger strides through the threshold, each step faster and faster, glancing over every student, trying to find a threat to his devilish plan. Little does he know the fire building inside me, ready to erupt. I glance at you, or should I say your paralyzed body, static from fear, eyes glued to the stranger holding a knife to our teacher. I look around. Everyone has the same motionless body and shocked eyes. And then it happens, he turns on you. I do not think, I only act. Leaping over desks to get between you and this devil in disguise, my only intention is to protect you, even if that means endangering myself. Do you know I was protecting you? Or, do you think I was trying to just stop him in general? I do not fear him, I fear you. I fear the pain you may feel. I fear the hurt you may encounter. I hope you know this is not only a letter, these are my last thoughts.



Your protector

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