Stuff You Cant Say To Your Teacher


Is all you care about is your health ?

If you're healthy, then we are?

Is it because im black you think im dumb?

Is it because i dont ace test like others in the class?


Why must you talk about another teenager?

Dont you have a daughter? 

She must be proud of you huh ?

Why are you mumbling?

Is something funny? 

The D- you wrote on my paper makes you giggle?

Do you enjoy the laughs?

What about pregnancy?

Shes pregnant so she has no future. and shes a hoe?

Ever thought of how you got here and your mom is still under 30.

SO, she must be a hoe just like her huh?

Kids act more mature than you

Everything is a game to you

Kids got parents, how would you feel if they touched you?

Slapped you and cused you out?

WHO gone be laughing now?

And what itches my skin

Is your hair from within

YOU bring all that to school

and take it out on your kids

Take my advice

Youre an Adult, 

Act like it.


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