You're Not Helping!


United States
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School is stressful enough on its own,
Your loud screaming is the last thing I need!
How am I supposed to grow into a beautiful flower,
If you keep ripping up and stomping on my seed?

School should be a calm, safe environment.
A big, beautiful, educaional dome.
But why am I listening to you screaming your head off,
When I dont even get scolded like this at home?

You set off my mood for the rest of the day,
you make your class become a place that I don't want to be!
How am I supposed to get a proper education,
When all I can think about is how I just can't wait to be set free.

Maybe if you lowered your voice,
we would actually listen to what you have to say,
Scaring someone into listening to your words,
is going to make you losee your job one day.

So next time your anger gets the best of you,
bite your tongue and instead let out a smile,
speak to us with a softer, loving tone,
then maybe your words will be worth while.


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