Sandy Hook


United States
40° 57' 16.7076" N, 73° 48' 34.4052" W

There’s a silence
All around me
On the mountains
In the clouds

As I listen
To the raindrops
I start to wonder
About the sound

Warm teardrops
Cross my cheek
Slowly burning
Down my smile

Cold thunder
In my soul
I think it’s staying
For a while

Twenty shadows
Slowly fading
Is my reflection
Still around

I lay a pillow
In my hometown
To help their sleeping
And give them warmth

I lay a locket
With their grave stones
And hold onto the hope
That the simplest sound is the scratching of their key

Six wonders
Stand protecting
Little shadows
Little hearts

Slowly shaking
Facing horrors
Still protecting
And holding out
Valerosos almas
Batiendo corazones
Still coaxing hope

Written on my hand
Is a direct reminder of your home
The one that you lost
The one that your parents lay alone

Are they still living
Will they ever forgive
They won’t ever forget
Why they’re now just existing

I won’t ask you to move one
Or to stop shedding tears
Because that’d be too easy
In these elongated years

There’s two ways to live a life
One’s as if nothing’s a miracle
I’d rather act as if everything is
Because a single smile hold a thousand tears
A thousand laughs
A thousand fears
You’ll live on for years


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