Together We Are Free

America once a place of dreams

The world that was once a place of peace

Now has violence on every street

There is no place to run and hide

From all the darkness and all the lies

Bloody horror still resides

In every alley and every store

In every town where darkness lures

You say I am lying you shut me out

You don't want the truth said aloud

Afraid of reality but your living it now

Perhaps I should just spell it out

Just take a look in our schools

Where drugs and guns make the rules

Childrens' dying souls now bound

By afflicted rumors cast around

Abused by peers with no moral codes

Let the truth out so the world may know

America is not as great as it seems

We still have work to do were still not free

Stand up and let your voice be heard

Bound together in search of some peace

Yet tied together for life by our enemies

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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