Dare to Be Different

Stepping through superficial doors, regardless of time. blurred souls without a face, falling into place like soldiers in a line. People put together on society's assembly line, homegrown clones brought to fruition by the ideals of another mind. Their minds being filled by propaganda, hateful opinions that cloud the soul turning them into robots who exist only to follow the orders of those who have influenced them. This is how our world works, nothing but conf  ormity no creative perks. But what if that was all set to change? The flames of creativity rise like a pheonix to bring change to a plastic world long since forgotten let the unique spirit within you burn bright like the inferno that purges the conformist reigime dare to be diffrent  individuality defines who you are and you should teach that to those who have yet to understand. bring change not the same old routine dare to be different and never let anyone take that away from you.


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